21 January, 2010

Paleolithic Solution from Robb Wolf

I spent an hour the other day listening to Robb Wolf's podcast, here

Ideally when I listen to podcasts, read articles/books, watch lectures I would like to take notes. Well, since I am officially unemployed! this time I was able to multi-task and jot down some highlights.

I tried to clean them up best I could but I apologize if the stream-of-consciencesness get a bit tiresome to decipher ;)

#1 Topic: Paleo nutrition counter arguments:
There is a
paper on common counter arguments to Paleo diets on Cordain's website

For example:

One Argument: cavemen didn't live long enough to get disease. This is not true; there have been numerous research projects done on older hunter gather populations that showed: at 100years of age no cancer, diabetes, heart disease in hunter gatherer groups

Second Argument: is this a high protein diet which may bring on kidney disease, renal failure? A kidney problem/renal issue must be preexisting. If there is not a preexisting problem then this diet might even improve kidney function (performance menu: Protein Debate)

Third Argument: Asian diets are famous for being healthy, lean diets and they eat rice. Actually, if you compare the Japanese to the Okinawan people, who get more protein, yam and sweet potatoes, but less rice, the Okinawan people are 6-8 inches taller, live longer.

#2 Topic: Cortisol
Can you reduce Cortisol with diet? excess to get rid of gut...protein, veggies, fats with yam/sweet potatoes PWO (not fructose into liver but glucose into blood) consistent eating, sleep, over training, control stress levels, gram of vitamin C will help

#3 Topic: Fasting/ Hemp Hearts
As far as fasting is concerned, the most you should fast is about 16-17 hour
whey powder substitute (its fine PWO) because it enhances recovery, however the growth hormone hemp is not good for that.
"Hemp Hearts turn Andy Deas into Super Mario"

#4 Topic: Workout intensity suffering/ Game Day Eating
PWO nutrition? carbs? may be really really important for some people
Rest? Take a back off week? never periodizing (which means tapering off, ramping up changing up your workload periodicaly), bad.
Calorie intake? Are ou getting enough calories?
Pre-workout nutrition depends on the WOD: strength: protein only/ metabolic: digestion depending-orange, 2 oz turkey? maybe need to be a little hungry? its all about the stomach digestion...very variation. (note: no fat)

#5 Topic: LDL
What matters for your overall cholesterol risk? particle size or particle count? Particle size matters. The smaller and denser particles are the worst LDL particles (found in dieters of high carbs)

What do the high profile researchers say?
Dr. Cordain: global cardiovascular approach is the size is the problem (bigger fluffier the better so that they break down and aren't small and dense, bad)
decrease in triglycerides, good

Dr. Eades: can have a low count but if that low count is made up of small dense and are highly oxidizable, oxidized molecules are more easily retained by the proteoglycan, clogging arteries
cardiovascular risk factor is lowered

Dr. Gary Taubes
carbs main cause of fat gain
low carbs but caloric restriction still not hungry (what kind of calories matter)

#6 Topic: Coconut
fat source? cordain just posted on coconut doesn't produce insulin resistance
olive oil wasn't used a lot in paleolithic times (like coconut) but its great for you

#7 Topic: Endurance athlete nutrition
high fat leading up to your race, then during your race eat high carb...no gels (acid forming, need too much water, might want to try: cytomax? (lactate buffer, fructose to fill up liver glycogen) the whey protein is legit, or try: pemican (coconut, dried fruit, ??)...amount of fat needed during a race is less, protein is needed when the branch chain amino acids (protein) start to get eaten for fuel when carbs are gone...protein/carb combo (BMack: pizza, cheesecake- starchy carbs and calories) but you must keep this abnormal food in your system a little bit so that its not a shock
staying below your lactate threshold, gastric emptying is usually not a problem...and the blood might be taken away from your digestion and not let you digest.

#8 Topic: Paleo pregnancy
Would it be OK to stay paleo during a pregnancy? YES. Baby turns out healthier, mom performs better, less autoimmune issues, more nutrients, need protein (might not want to eat it), fish oil

#9 Topic: metabolic typing
Makes no sense, voodoo

#10 Topic: paleo diet vs. paleo diet for athletes
zone: quantity for macronutrients
paleo zone: best quality and 40-30-30
paleo athlete zone: increase in fat, increase calories to long term sustainable, sub zone level of dietary carbs operate better
unweighed, unmeasured

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