22 December, 2009

I'm listening...keep telling me what you want...

Do I have to tempt you guys with more paleo treats??? Did you like the creation? For those of you at the 0600 "class" this morning, thanks for hearing my passionate soap box pitch for eating paleo. I am listening to your questions, concerns and doubts and what I am hearing really is how do you do this and why??? First off, it will be easy enough to give you guys all access to my Personal Log. When I figure out how to post it more permanently on the left hand side I will do that...but for right now just click on the link above and you should get to my personal google document.

For all of you up for the challenge, I highly recommend you do something similar. To be honest, usually it would be a requirement to join the 30-day paleo adventure but I don't want to put a ton of parameters on this thing.

As you will see in my Personal Log

I like to keep track of the following categories for the following reasons:
  1. sleep; will I see an immediate dip in performance due to lack of sleep...is it delayed?
  2. (yellow) CrossFit (CF) workout of the day (WOD) and time; track improvement and does my body perform better at morning WODs vs. aftenoon WODs?
  3. (orange) CrossFit Endurance (CFE) WOD; same reason as CF WODs
  4. (green) double days CF and CFE
  5. (blue) rest days
  6. menu; make sure I get enough food- mainly focus on maintain a healthy protein and fat intake. The numbers beside the food items are quantity calculations based on the ZONE. Please, if you want to know more, ask me questions.
  7. questions I want to look up
  8. research I've done
You guys will see your body's potential in giving this paleo thing a chance...time to try for a change!

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