13 January, 2010

Low Carb...NO CARB?

I'm always tweaking my diet and have, for the past couple weeks, mostly eating vegetables for my carbohydrates (little to no fruit) and been feeling great.

Until Sunday when I got that flu bug...so I thought I would reevaluate and go back to eating about 1-2 pieces of fruit a day. Grapefruits are super tasty this time of year as are oranges. Now with eating paleo I have to do a lot of chopping, prep and shopping if I am going to get enough carbs from veggies. But how much does one really need? Todays posting on Mark's Daily Apple was very timely so if you get a second and are curious about carb intake (like I am) take a look-see at the following link(s).

Tonight I made wild sea scallops on angel hair pasta, just kidding it was spaghetti squash but we pretended. The picture just didn't look right and the meal was very self explanatory so no more details to follow...just check out the links from Mark's Daily Apple on carb consumption


  1. why are you cutting fruit? is this one of those "nature's candy bar" arguments?

  2. I was substituting vegetables for fruit so I could eat more volume in carbohydrate. For example, I'd rather eat 4 cups of broccoli over .5 apple (call me crazy). What ended up happening though is that I didn't have enough time in the day to consume enough carb to sustain my performance...so I am eating quick energy fruits(higher on the glycemic index) after workouts to make sure I get enough carb each day. Make sense? What it really comes down to is I needed more calories.