08 January, 2010

Ohhhhh Honey? We've got Questions!!

I guess I shouldn't be this excited for questions ;) but what it means is that I am not totally wasting my time writing posts that disappear into the ether...people are reading!!

I wanted to write a quick post to address Adrienne's comment about honey. Is it Paleo??
Quick answer: Yes. But its sweeter than sugar so only consume in extreme moderation, please read on...

Dr. Eades writes in his book Protein Power about how the ancient Egyptians had "no sugar – it wouldn’t be produced for another thousand or more years. The only sweet was honey, which was consumed in limited amounts."

Dr. Eades also answers a question about honey with this explanation, "there is very little difference metabolically between honey and sugar. I’m sure Paleolithic man enjoyed honey when he could, but getting honey in the wild is not done without peril, so I doubt he made a steady diet of it."

Here are some other link from Dr. Mike Eades about a paleo study in San Francisco:

Don from Primal Wisdom wrote that, "Honey consumed occasionally by hunter-gatherers has less fructose, at about 39%"

Dr. Kurt Harris from Panu points out that, "Eating raw honey is biochemically indistinguishable from equicaloric amounts of sucrose refined from cane sugar or beets or high fructose corn syrup from an archer-daniels-midland tank car. It is absolutely certified historically paleolithic as it is as old as bees and the plants they pollinate. Contemporary HGs eat it every chance they get. That it was devoured with relish by any hominid who could find it historically is as reasonable a an assumption as one could make.

It is also just as metabolically poisonous to eat pounds of raw honey as an equicaloric amount of mountain dew or coke classic. It will have exactly the same effect on your insulin sensitivity, your liver and your weight."

Mark's Daily Apple, in passing, mentions that honey is basically pure sugar. The link is for a page on his blog including great snack recipes!

So the takeaway? Well, honey was "hunted" by cavemen but on a very limited seasonal basis...its extremely high in fructose and when used in baked goods actually should be substituted in less quantities than real sugar (that potent). But when you are making 50 bite-sized brownies who keeps track of trace amounts of honey anyway, right ;)


  1. veeeery interesting. man, another one off the list. hey, i notice some of your recipes, like the pancakes, use baking powder. isn't that the epitome of a refined product? and what's your take on salt...i read on that wolff site that one of the things with paleo is that people back then didn't salt their food. beastly, i'm impressed u made the pizza...that seems like a lotta work. let's brainstorm some easy things to make on sunday for the upcoming week....even though u annoy me

  2. OK... Mac, Here is my question! :)
    Legumes or especially soys for my case, since I grew up with soysauce, miso, tofu, and more... I understood that they should not be considered as the main protein source as lean meat, but why need to be really "avoided?" Other than "because cavemen didn't eat it," what is the nutritious reasoning? As WashPost article mentioned, I am also believeing in the some level of digestive system evelution during the last 500 generations...
    Well, I still haven't eaten a grain of rice for the last 5 days, which is the first time in my WHOLE LIFE!!! :)

  3. what yukers is trying to say is paleo is racist. me and yuke are filing an e.o. complaint against mac, casey and paleo (maximize our chance for someone to pay us hush money)

  4. I wonder if Pinghan wants to join us too? :)

    You crack me up, Kevin. Kai was curious what is so funny on the PC.

  5. I have a mini meatloaf (meatballs?) recipe that you guys could do ahead and freeze for the week...I'll post that.