05 January, 2010

Root Vegetable Pancakes

Ever heard of potato pancakes?
Well, I was craving that texture but with something more flavorful than a dumb white potato (not encouraged on paleo anyway)
potato texture+carrot flavor=PARSNIP

oh and I found this really weird thing called a celery root and had to include it in my creation...this is what happened. BTW, this is a pretty good arm workout from all the grating involved! Kept distracted by watching an episode of LOST from my lastest Netflix delivery.

Root Vegetable Pancakes

1/2 celery root peeled, grated
4 parsnips peeled, grated
1/4 purple onion totally minced to a pulp
1 1/2 cups almond meal (poured a bunch of almonds in my vita-mix and let 'er rip- much cheaper than buying it but the cheapest place is Trader Joes)
4 eggs
2 tsp turmeric (these spices are a tad obscure...add whatever spices you have in your cabinet)
2 tsp ground coriander (see comment above)
1/4 cup hot horseradish
couple squirts of hot sauce and sea salt to taste

Mix everything together
Medium Heat use coconut oil and make pancakes like normal (4inch diameter 1/2 inch thick)
Cook for about 5 minutes each side



  1. I thought honey was a no-go? Are we saving the paleo brownies for after the 30 days?

  2. egg muffins were excellent...take a little long to make...but saves time later in the week if u eat breakfasts on the go like i do. meat definitely needs seasoning, though...maybe chili powder and garlic

  3. Kevin, I'm glad that you liked the muffins. I find that making a large batch of things (muffins, meatballs, pancakes, etc.) is very conducive to leftovers. We could all benefit from some recipes to grab-and-go. I'll get on that...